My Running Problem

I am past the first step, denial, and now freely admit that I have a problem, a running problem.  The goal is to get out into the open air and run until my heart’s content, but, outside circumstances interfere; an ankle injury, bronchitis, an avalanche of work, fatigue from too much running.  Join this IP attorney on a fascinating journey to satisfy a timeless passion for running.

If you need help with registering your trademarks or copyrights, or know someone who does, please contact me at or call 626.831.8077 and ask for Niria.

I am a runner and trademark and copyright attorney.  I volunteer with my best friend and running partner, Monty (a Maltese) at Huntington Memorial Hospital’s Pet Assisted Therapy program and am a proud member of the Pasadena Bar Association and San Gabriel Valley Bar Association.

One thought on “My Running Problem

  1. Well, at least you try. I like running, I really do…I could watch people run all day! No, really I could.

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